‘Green Lantern Corps’ Script Starting From Scratch; Geoff Johns Run As Inspiration

Geoff Johns DC Green Lantern CorpsAccording to rumors, the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film is starting from scratch, and is throwing out the previous work by David S. Goyer. These reports seem to be supported by statements made during interviews by comic/script writer, Geoff Johns.

The rumor came from former Latino Review writer Mario F. Robles who tweeted the news, unsure if it was common knowledge or not as the information came to him while he was away:

Not sure if this is common knowledge, or if it came out when I was away a few weeks ago, but I just found out that with Johns now on #GreenLanternCorps they’re starting from scratch and ditching what Goyer had been developing last year.

I was wondering about that.

You can see the full tweet below:

While nothing has been confirmed, it seemed to collaborate with what Green Lantern Corps. script writer, Geoff Johns said during a recent interview. During the interview, the writer talked a bit about revamping the Green Lantern character in both the upcoming film and how he has done it in the past:

You look at everything that worked and didn’t work on anything. Like revamping a character, reintroducing a character, I’ve done it a lot. The creative viewpoint and way into the character and rebooting it, and changing it, and reintroducing it, is informed by everything. It’s informed by comics, both what works and what doesn’t work. I don’t wanna spoil any of the story there, but it’s definitely… if people like my run on Green Lantern then hopefully they’ll like what I’m doing.

He continuously reinforced the idea that they were still just writing the script and that it was important to get that element right:

Right now, look, what just writing a script and hopefully this script gets into a place where Warner Bros. and DC, Walter and everybody, they’re really excited about it. When we get that right, then we’ll move ahead on the project. But we gotta get it right.

While this interview didn’t confirm anything that was said in the tweet, it did suggest that all previious work had been thrown out. David S. Goyer was originally announced to be the driving force behind the Green Lantern Corps. film and the DCEU. It appears that since then, things have changed and the peopel at Warner Bros. are taking a new direction.

What do you all make of this news? Would it be best if Warner Bros. lost Goyer or should they keep him around? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Details on the Green Lantern Corps are currently under wraps, but it has been confirmed that Hal Jordon and John Stewart will appear in the film.

Green Lantern Corps is one of the many projects currently being developed by Warner Bros. and DC Films, along with The Batman, a Flash standalone film, The New Gods, Man of Steel 2, Nightwing, Cyborg, Gotham City Sirens, Birds of Prey, Black Adam, Booster Gold, Justice League Dark, Suicide Squad 2, Batgirl, Blackhawk, and a standalone Joker origin film separate from the shared cinematic universe.

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  • RJ

    If the changes are what I think they are going to be mainly this will be the end of DC on the big screen. Maybe WB will block the script after they get it and totally kick him off the project.

    What I see is John Stewart being way different than what we know, and him being not what we know is going to be the end of DC. Hal Jordan which we already had will not be the risk taking cocky guy, I see Johns making him into the animated version of John Stewart…This whole Lantern thing got to big to quick. And Johns can’t control it…

  • Maxi Iroh

    So, when they say it is starting, it means it started, ever since Geoff Johns branched from DC, so a few months ago.