7 Green Lantern Stories We’d Love To See Adapted For The Big Screen

7. Green Lantern: Wanted – Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Wanted Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan and two of his fellow Air Force co-pilots have been captured and are tortured by terrorists. After their escape, he is framed as an intergalactic threat and is forced on an intense journey to clear his name. Not only does this story do a good job of showing how Hal Jordan handles intense situations alone, allowing multiple aspects of his personality to emerge, but it shows how tough he truly is. In the original arc, written by legendary Green Lantern author Geoff Johns, an assortment of intergalactic bounty hunters and a team of heroes called the Global Guardians are tasked with taking Hal Jordan down.

A clever way to tether Green Lantern to the rest of the DC Extended Universe would be to replace the intergalactic bounty hunters with the Suicide Squad. This way, in the middle of a movie that will feature Hal Jordan trying to solve a crime and prove his innocence, a fun, light fight scene can be added to the movie because Green Lantern would have no problem laughing and kicking Harley Quinn or Captain Boomerang’s butts to next Tuesday. Hopefully Captain Boomerang doesn’t have a yellow unicorn in his coat though, or maybe Hal is in trouble. Additionally, making Hal Jordan an international criminal is a natural way to

Hal never flies a plane with his ring on, and maybe this time he’ll learn to keep it close wherever he goes. This story is a perfect way to introduce audiences to Hal Jordan’s emotional complexities, intense willpower and desire to do what’s right no matter the odds.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Darthmanwe

    Really? No War of Light?

    Or the biggest of them all, The Blackest Night?

    • Napi

      Exactly! No Rebirth and no Secret Origin… I think Nick is kinda lost

      • David Japhet-Mathias

        Would DC start their Green Lantern franchise trying to bring Hal Jordan back to life?

        • Napi

          The real question here is… have you ever read Rebirth?

          • David Japhet-Mathias

            Yep, but unless they’re going to go with him being the Spectre the more likely scenario if they were to adapt Rebirth would be that he’s just dead.

          • Napi

            It could work you know, Hal Jordan being as old as Bruce Wayne, been a hero, went into the all Emeral Twilight thing and died.

      • Nick Kazden

        Noooo! Hah, I love Rebirth and Secret Origins but I think those books work so well because they are clearly part of a bigger story. Sinestro War can work in theaters, but I don’t think we should have all the different colored corps or go to Blackest Night because it is will likely seem hoaky or like a generic zombie movie.

  • Marquis de Sade

    I was always partial to GREEN EGGS & HAM.


    These are all great choices, but the Blackest Night Trilogy is the story that’s begging to be told on the big screen. That’s easily 6 films right there.

  • Maxi Iroh

    Really nice choice of arcs to be adapted into the the first DCEU GL film.

    PS: I wanna see Jessica Cruz

  • Brian Supple

    Blackest Night wouldn’t fit in their current extended universe. If they did try to adapt it I think everyone would be let down. It would work well as an animated series or animated movie trilogy but not something that can be connected to this current cinematic universe.

    I think they could follow the same arc as that computer animated tv series over 3 live action movies. It’s a really well done series and it introduces red lanterns, man hunters, and the anti monitor.

    Just no origin story, and it needs to take place on other planets and in space they can’t spend more then 10 mins on earth.