Jason David Frank Reveals What Footage Was Cut From Original ‘Power Rangers’

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It’s no secret that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers directly took almost all of its action sequences from Super Sentai, a Japanese action show in the same vein as Power Rangers. However, it appears that some of the footage from the original show was cut, thanks to it being too violent for American audiences.

During Florida Supercon (via Debra Gallagher), Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson were asked about the original Sentai series and what they thought about it when they first saw it. Frank stated that the cultural divide was apparent almost instantly:

“I think a couple of times they showed it in the office, but the problem with that was it just didn’t, it confused the American version and what we were doing because we had to cut stuff out, so it was confusing as it was because we didn’t know what Power Rangers was, nobody did in the United States, so it was kind of confusing to see different things.”

While Johnson stated that she didn’t see much from the original show, Frank continued to discuss the show, including what didn’t make it into the American version:

“I got a chance to watch some of it. It was a little more violent, which was cool at the time. I was like ‘put that in’ and they were like ‘sorry, we can’t, this is in the United States’, and we were like ‘What! Put that footage in’, but we couldn’t. They cut a lot of the cool.”

Despite the footage cut from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, fans can still see never-before-seen footage from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, which is the 16th installment of the Super Sentai series.

Source: Debra Gallagher (via Youtube)

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    He didn’t specify a single thing that was cut out. He just mentioned there was violence and they cut the cool. That gives us nothing.