Greg Berlanti Gives New Tease Of 4-Part DCTV Crossover

Ever since it was announced that Supergirl would be moving to the CW, everyone soon began hoping for a 4-part crossover between CW’S ever expanding DC Television Universe. This crossover was soon confirmed, and Greg Berlanti himself has now confirmed that they are just about to start work on writing the crossover episodes. While Berlanti wouldn’t reveal much, he did tease that the plan is “to probably try to have one unifying threat, as opposed to different things on different ones, which is what the first year was”.

So it looks like this year’s mega crossover will be similar to last years, which set up Legends of Tomorrow, and have one villain across all 4 episodes. Based on the fact that apparently Supergirl will be the unifying link for the crossover, it seems possible the threat could be from her universe.

Who do you think this villain will be? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: EW

Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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