Greg Capullo’s Dark Knight III Variant Cover Leaves Superman Counting His Teeth

The November 25th, release date of Dark Knight III: The Master Race is looming ever closer and the hype is approaching a peak, with DC announcing 30 retailer specific variant covers from some of the best talent working in comics today. These variant covers will be available alongside the planned covers on day one. Each artist was asked to reimagine their favorite moment from the original Dark Knight, which is arguably one of the most influential and well crafted comics of all time, and give it their unique spin.

All of the variant covers released by DC are excellent, with some top tier work from Michael Allred, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Darwyn Cooke, but nothing comes close to Greg Capullo’s variant cover. Capullo is one of those rare artists able to ground the larger than life figures of Batman and Superman in the classic golden age physiques while building on the modern designs of Jim Lee, giving us heroes for the ages. Timeless but new. His exemplary work has been a solid stand out in the DC talent pool, and with this cover he’s given me one of my favorite moments through new eyes.

I’m giddy everytime I look at this image, and I can’t wait to pour through the latest adventure of the Dark Knight.  How’s everyone feeling about Dark Knight III? Does anyone else have a favorite amongst the released covers?

SOURCE: DC Clomics

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