Guest Stars For Kevin Smith’s ‘Flash’ & ‘Supergirl’ Episodes Revealed

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After Kevin Smith’s directorial debut on The Flash last season, he has been able to return to direct an episode once more, as well as an episode of Supergirl. In his previous episode, Smith included long-time friend Jason Mewes into a cameo, so many were wondering who he’d bring along for his upcoming episodes.

“Sadly Jason didn’t come back this episode, but I brought another friend with me, man. Like so far each time they let me bring somebody. That one I didn’t even try to bring Jay. That was Andrews idea, Andrew Kreisberg. He was like “do you think your friend would want to do this?”, and I was like do you think he’d want to do this? I’m surprised he hasn’t already come into this office and, well normally I’d tell a really dirty story here. In any event, so Andrew’s idea was to bring in Jason, I can’t even take credit for that. My second episode of Flash, there was an open role for a police detective, and so a friend of mine Ralph Garmin, who I do Hollywood Babylon with, he was the guy I was like oh my god Ralph would love this, he watches all these shows, but he was working on Kevin and Bean, he does the morning show in Los Angeles on KROQ, and one of the two, Kevin or Bean, were off so Ralph had to stay and he couldn’t come play up in Vancouver. So I turned to another friend of mine, a dude who you know as my co-host on Geeking Out, Greg Grunberg, Gruney himself man, who you’ve seen in The Force Awakens Snap Wexley, who you know from Heroes Matt Parkman, who you know from Lost the guy who crashed the plane, he was the pilot. He used to be on Alias, Felicity and stuff like that. So Gruney is in this episode.”

“And then on the Supergirl episode, I just directed I got to bring my kid. Harley’s in it as well. The script called for it, I didn’t just say “put her in!”, the script called for like a 17-year-old kid. I was like “oh my god! I literally have a 17-year-old kid of my own that I own” so she got to be in the episode, which is huge because she loves the show. You’ve never seen so much crying like I cried when I was done with Supergirl because I’m an emotional guy and I love the show, but my kid like she was dragged off that set with her fingernails in the dirt man.”

So there you have it, The Flash will feature Greg Grunberg and Supergirl will feature Harley Quinn Smith.

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