‘Han Solo’ Comic Artist Says George Lucas Asking To Buy His Originals Is “Surreal”

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If George Lucas buys your Star Wars art, it’s a pretty good sign you’ve made it. That’s what happened with Mark Brooks, the artist behind the first two issues of Marvel’s Han Solo, whose head did not explode long enough to take to Facebook to relay the good tidings, adding that “surreal is an understatement.”

Brooks illustrated Marvel’s Han Solo #1 and #2 and previously drew on Ultimate X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man. The five-issue run, written by Marjorie Liu, picks up where A New Hope left off, covering the time between the destruction of the first Death Star and the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back on Hoth. According to THR, the series is about the smuggler juggling two tasks: a starship race called the Dragon Void Run and a secret mission from Princess Leia.

When asked about why Lucas was buying his art through Lucasfilm (which he sold to Disney in October 2012 for $4 billion), Brooks elaborated in a Facebook comment.

The first two issues of Marvel’s Han Solo are available now.

(via THR)

Sam Flynn

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  • Mark Abnett

    small correction.
    The art shown here is an alternative cover by Lee Bermejo not Mark Brooks.
    Also it would be nice if credit is given to the artists whose work you display. It could result in someone tracking them down and purchasing more of their fantastic work.

  • Axxell

    Good for him…You can’t ask for a bigger vindication as a Star Wars fan.