‘Harry Potter’ Star Daniel Radcliffe Open To Reprising Role

After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, both the novel and later the film adaptation, many presumed that the adventures of the “boy who lived” were finished forever. However, when author J. K. Rowling penned a new play with Jack Throne and John Tiffany titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, enthusiastic fans began wondering the alleged final adventure for the titular hero would be adapted into a feature film. While rumors of a new Harry Potter film trilogy based on the play were shut down by Rowling herself, Daniel Radcliffe told Good Morning Britain that he would be open to reprising the role in future films.

When asked if he would ever reprise the role of Harry Potter in a new film, Radcliffe was was open to possibility.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m not sure, that’s a long way off isn’t it? I mean, Harry’s gotten a bit older now. I really don’t know, I think that’s all highly theoretical talk. If it ever became more than theoretical, I would, of course, think about it.”

You can watch the entire interview below!

Because Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tells the story of an older Harry as a husband, father and employee at the Ministry of Magic, it is understandable why Radcliffe would think the possibility of reprising the role that made him famous is still a long time away. However, with nostalgia-driven films and television shows growing in popularity, it would not be entirely surprising if we one day saw Radcliffe return as the boy who lived.

Source: Good Morning Britain

Sebastian Peris

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