Have The Live-Action Taskmaster Rights Reverted Back To Marvel Studios?

One of the more interesting characters that 20th Century Fox nabbed the rights for back in day was the fan-favorite Tony Masters aka Taskmaster. At one point in time, director Joe Carnahan was actually developing a live-action Taskmaster film for the studio with A-Team producer Alex Young.

Clearly that project didn’t quite pan out and now while breaking down the recent Deadpool trailer, director Tim Miller made an interesting comment that seemingly hinted that the character rights no longer lie at 20th Century Fox. 

I’d love to see Deadpool fight Batman – no, I’m just kidding, that’s not even in the Marvel family! I’d love to see Deadpool go up against Taskmaster who’s another Marvel total fuckin’ badass. But if I was to stay inside the Fox family, I would like to see him fight X-23, the female Wolverine. The female clone of Wolverine.

Miller’s comment is by no means any form of confirmation but the wording printed me to speak with a few of my own sources regarding the matter. Both sources I spoke with confirmed to me that the character rights no longer lie with 20th Century Fox. So, Marvel Studios is now free to use the character as they wish in the future. Could he pop up in one of their upcoming films or their television properties? I’d say he’d be a better fit for the latter but let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Empire

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