HBO President Says ‘Watchmen’ Pilot May Begin Shooting In 2018

WatchmenThough not much is known of the HBO adaptation of Watchmen, a comment from HBO President Casey Bloys in regards to the pilot may just clear things up and could mean more news is on the horizon.

During HBO’s portion of TCA, Bloys gave his thoughts on a number of developing projects. On Damon Lindelof’s pilot for Watchmen, here’s what he had to say:

“I’ve read the script, it’s amazing. I’m thrilled, I imagine we’ll shoot that this year”

For one, hearing that the script is amazing is good news — although what else would you expect to hear from the HBO President? The fact that the pilot could shoot this year could mean even bigger news is coming, namely the cast.

Lindelof is known for his work on Lost and The Leftovers and it isn’t his first dive into comics either. Lindelof also penned episodes for the TV mini-series Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk.

What do you think about a Watchmen pilot possibly being right around the corner? More importantly, who would you like to see cast in the iconic roles? Sound off in the comments!

Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood as we learn more about the developing series.

Source: Deadline

B-List DC Comics Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movies

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DC Comics HeroesDC Comics are ripe of amazing characters with potential. If Marvel can successfully make an Iron Man movie, something that was considered a bad idea at the time due to the character’s unpopular status, then DC can do something similar with a different character. Batman and Superman are great, but they don’t deserve all the attention in this fascinating universe.

With so many DC-themed movies on the horizon over at Warner Brothers, it makes sense for producers to dig through back issues to search for interesting stories about characters who aren’t necessarily known by the full public to adapt. There are no such thing as bad characters — sometimes certain writers just aren’t able to bring out the character’s full potential in various stories. Even the best heroes and villains can have bad movies (I’m looking at you Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), so all these characters need is a strong, passionate filmmaker to come around and turn them into a hit.

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