Henry Cavill And Ben Affleck Continue Promotion of ‘Batman v Superman’

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is only days away from being released and the promotional tour for the film is heating up. Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill sat down with Genevieve Loh from Today Online. The two opened up about what it was like to take on these iconic characters and Cavill even admitted to reading fan theories and reading fan threads.

Cavill was asked what he learned about himself while playing Superman for now two films, he  genuinely cares about this character.

“There is something about this character that I have come to love and be very protective over. While I would never aspire to actually be Superman, because he is extra and I’m not just talking about his powers its the personality and the character of the man himself which is extraordinary. I have become quite protective over the character.”

Ben Affleck talked about what made him want to play Batman and the advice that he got from before he took on the iconic character.

“It was out of the ordinary, while he was a hero, he had a lot of flaws…The fact you don’t know who to side with, they both think they are right, I thought that was an interesting structure, they both characters think they are right. So the audience really gets the chance to wonder.”

Batman v Superman will be released on March 25, 2016.

Source: Today Online 

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