Henry Cavill Talks ‘Batman V Superman’ & A Man Of Steel Sequel

Many people have complained about Batman coming in and overtaking Superman’s Man of Steel sequel. Those complaints should stop now because today Entertainment Weekly released more of their interview with Henry Cavill for their comic con issue. In the interview Cavill reiterated that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not a Man of Steel sequel and is its own thing. Cavill says,

As far as the individual character is concerned, this is not a Superman sequel, it’s more of an introduction to Batman, an opening to Justice League, and an expansion of the world that was created in Man of Steel.

Although you shouldn’t fret if you want a true Man of Steel sequel, Henry says that there’s a good chance that we’ll get one in the future…

There’s plenty of time for individual Superman sequels, he’s a tough character to tell. People like the darker vigilante. I think it speaks to the human psyche more easily rather than the god-like being that we can’t really understand. Once we have a more expansive universe we can delve more into the character of Superman and hopefully tell more stories.

While it’s great to hear that we will get a proper Man of Steel sequel somewhere down the road, Henry seems to think that since Batman is an easier movie to make due to how people can relate to the caped crusader. What do you think of Henry’s comments? Do you think we’ll get an announcement for Man of Steel 2 at SDCC?


(Nate Brail)


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