Heroes Who Should Get Their Own CW Arrowverse Shows

10. Justice League Dark

Arrowverse Justice League Dark

Although Justice League Dark is currently slated to be a film, it has been going through all the stages of “development hell” for quite some time. Since 2012, Guillermo del Toro has worked on a potential film as well as countless others. In between that time, an animated film was released direct to DVD/Blu-Ray this past February to fanfare, so there is excitement for seeing these characters in some sort of medium. While the film production recently gained and lost director Doug Liman, there are still plans for the possible adaptation.

This is a property that would be perfect for the small screen as an alternative. Last year Arrow went towards the mystical angle and even resurrected John Constantine from the canceled NBC show Constantine and fans were very happy with his return. Legends of Tomorrow executive Producer Phil Klemmer stated that actor Matt Ryan was great for his stint on Arrow and it would “be a crime” for him not to come back to the Arrowverse. Since then, a Constantine animated show got announced for CW Seed and Ryan is more than willing to come back to the Arrowverse. Why not have him and the whole gang come together on the CW. After all, Supernatural can’t stay there for another 10 years, this would be the perfect Supernatural-ish show to eventually replace it, and roll it into the Arrowverse.

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