10 Heroes We Want To See In ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 3

10. Booster Gold and Ted Kord/Blue Beetle

Blue and Gold

Rip Hunter may have taken off at the end of Season 2, but we already know that he will be returning in Season 3, just in a different capacity than as a member of the team. He says the team is better off without him, but what if he’s really leaving for other reasons? After losing the rest of his family in Season 1, what if he has decided to track down his long-lost birth father?

Booster Gold is such a great character. He starred in one of my all-time favorite episodes of Justice League: Unlimited, “The Greatest Story Never Told,” and made his live-action debut in the Season 10 Smallville episode “Booster.” Originally from the distant future, he travels back in time to a place that’s a little less populated by superheroes, a place where he can truly stand out. Way more self-centered and glory-seeking than most superheroes, he would bring a really fun dynamic to Legends. In the comics, Booster doesn’t even know he’s Rip’s father and that could make for a fun story to tell as well. With Rip Hunter playing such a big part in Legends, it would be a real shame if Booster never appeared in the show.

And if we get him, we should also get his best friend, Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. Kord Industries has been teased in these shows since Season 1 of Arrow. Brandon Routh was originally supposed to play Ted Kord on Arrow, but DC had other plans for the character, so they changed it to Ray Palmer instead. However, the shows have continued to reference Kord Industries. However, if not Ted, why not Jaime Reyes? He’d be more familiar to younger audiences anyway, having appeared in recent years on the animated Batman: Brave and the Bold and Young Justice. He also made his live-action debut in the same episode of Smallville as Booster Gold.

Those aforementioned other plans? That would be a big budget Booster Gold movie that Blue Beetle is rumored to be featured in as well. That film is being developed by Arrowverse godfather Greg Berlanti along with Thor and X-Men: First Class writer Zack Stentz. This film would be the main reason both of these guys might not appear on the show (hence why these two are combined in one entry at #10 on this list). I’d love a Blue and Gold film, but personally, I’d rather see them exist in this universe. The film is said to be separate from the rest of the DCEU films, so why not just have it be part of the TV universe’s continuity? An appearance on this show might even help drive more people to go see the film. These characters aren’t exactly as well known by your average, non-comic reading audience.

Oh yeah, and cast Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold and Alan Tudyk as Ted Kord!

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz is an Atlanta-based writer, filmmaker and host of The Amazing Nerdiverse Podcast (on iTunes and YouTube).

  • SmoothTrIxt3r

    Would love to see Booster Gold and Ted Kord. Arrow has already tried using Ted Kord though. WB/DC said no. That’s how we got Ray Palmer. No way is any version of Batman showing up. Even though they allowed the use of Superman, which give me hope for Batman showing up. I just don’t see it happening. Besides I think Fox has the rights to a TV Batman with Gotham on that network.

  • GTMD

    All I want from S3 is Leonard Snart rescued from the Oculus and back on the Waverider. If we get that, I’ll roll with pretty much anything else the writers throw at us. I do love the idea of Fillion and Tudyk on the show, though. And we already know Klemmer wants to bring Constantine on someday.

  • pg1960

    Of those you listed, Kamandi would be an excellent one off or short run multi-episode, The Question (if they made him Rorschach like, as that was original thought for the character in Watchmen) and Constantine, like to see matt Ryan in Action again. Powergirl would be a lot of fun,as an alternate role for Melissa Benoist. One that you did not list, that I would like to see would be the Freedom Fighters, I think they could do a better job with them, and fix what they should have done with their JSA storyline.