Heroic Civil War: Team Captain America vs. Team Iron Man Round 2

Team Captain America

Taking a side with Captain America seems to be one that is opposed to the popular vote. Its very clear that Iron Man is the more popular hero, has the better team, and even seems to be the one who is justified in his decision to move towards registration through the Sokovia Accords.

But my stance is clear, and like the Captain, its all about personal freedom.

Captain America is the hero that is stuck out of time. Born on the 4th of July in 1918, Captain America was raised in a time where freedom and patriotism were second nature with the citizens of our country. Steve Rogers is a man who, despite his current life in the 21st century, still upholds the values and traditions of yesterday. He is a good man for the sake of being good, and his example is one that should not be ignored. He acts as a shining example to those around him, and in Age of Ultron, he made it clear that he doesn’t believe in giving up without a fight:

Tony Stark: Does anybody remember when I put a missile through a portal, in New York City? We were standing right under it. We’re the Avengers, we can bust weapons dealers the whole doo-da-day, but how do we cope with something like that?
Steve Rogers: Together.
Tony Stark: We’ll lose.
Steve Rogers: We do that together too.

Captain America is a hero. He doesn’t compromise in his beliefs, and he is willing to lay down his life to make sure the man next to him will be able to continue theirs.

The choice to side with Cap is a controversial one, but it is one that is rooted in personal freedom. I chose to side with Team Cap because of my own views of freedom. Our country was founded on the idea that each and every man is given a freedom that cannot be taken away. Admittedly our country has experienced its own share of hypocrisy on the topics of freedom, Captain America doesn’t represent that side of our history. I believe in the classic American example of freedom, to look at our country as what it should be, and not what it is. Political beliefs aside, the one thing every American should believe in is freedom, and Captain America side represents that.

As Chelsea so beautifully put it in round 1, “Captain America stands for loyalty. Captain America stands for integrity. Captain America stands for honor.” Later this week fans will see which side wins, and I for one hope its the side of freedom.

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