Heroic Highlights: Sweet Christmas

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Luke Cage Heroic Highlights

Welcome to another exciting installment of Heroic Highlights! We’ve got a ton of great news this week, including some news revolving around two popular Marvel superheroes; Luke Cage and Doctor Strange! Make sure to stay tuned for the usual DCTV Roundup as well so you can catch up on what’s going on in the world of DC Comics television!

Without further ado, let’s get things started with some cool news from all across the world of geekdom!

Heroic Highlights

Cool News

Ever wondered what Star Wars: The Force Awakens would have looked like if George Lucas had directed it? See for yourself HERE!

Stranger Things Season 1 was pretty crazy. Read how the second season will be even crazier HERE!

Marvel and DC aren’t the only ones with a shared universe strategy. Read what Dracula Untold actor Luke Evans has to say about the “Universal Monster Movie Universe” HERE!

Joe Manganiello has the honor of being the first person to bring iconic Batman villain Deathstroke to the big screen. Find out how he’s researching for the big role HERE!

Marvel has quite a few new shows lined up for the future, including the upcoming Hulu original, Runaways. Find out who will be penning the series HERE!

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