Heroic Hollywood’s Summer Movie Preview – 19 Blockbusters To Watch!

Summer Movie Preview

Ah, summer, a time for outdoors, sports . . . and many hours in a movie theater! That’s right, it’s summer blockbuster season, the time of year when superheroes, explosions and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are guaranteed box office draws. Summer has the highest concentration of big budget extravaganzas created by the biggest entertainment industry on the planet competing for eyeballs. Naturally, that’s our bread-and-butter at Heroic Hollywood and we have a preview with all you need to know about this summer’s releases.

When I said “highest concentration,” I mean it. A casual perusal of the release calendar yielded 19(!) blockbusters looking for box office dominance in the short span of a few months. Nowadays, summer movie season is more and more blurred. Furious 7 and last weekend’s The Jungle Book both earned mega-dollars as April releases, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool opened in March and February. Still, while new release corridors are being paved, studios still comfortably sit on prime summer real estate three to four years in advance.

Which blockbuster will win the box office crown? Which will surprise and which will fail? Click Next to begin the list!


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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  • It’s a real shame these TMNT movies are so terrible. I don’t get the thinking behind turning them into giant super powered monsters: in a movie landscape heavily populated by those, taking the “grounded and stealthy heroes” approach could have made it stand out more. Sure worked wonders for Daredevil.

    I know people wanna act like it doesn’t matter, low standards for the franchise, etc. but when a comic book for these characters is currently running at the same time and is not only far, FAR better, but managing to be one of the best comics currently running, people should expect more. The series has certainly proven it’s capable of it.

    • xxjinzaxx

      DD on Netflix has the benefit of spanning over multiple installments, which some aren’t so great but it’s OK because the next episode will hook you right back in.

      TMNT does not have the luxury of time. But it does have nostalgia going for it. RIght now, they are tapping into the 80’s cartoons which looks to please lots of fans that were disappointed with the first movie.

      Apples and Oranges. Which one do you like best? Or do both taste the same to you?

      • It’s not about time. it’s about the type of character and tone. No one’s comparing quality or format, but concept. Stealth. Strike from the shadows. Helps even the fights against thugs to have weight, because you’re NOT some superpowered bulletproof badass. You’re just a highly trained individual, or individuals, protecting the city from threats that the law can’t touch.

        (It’s also worth mentioning as the TMNT are directly inspired by Frank Miller’s Daredevil work).

        So no, this is in no way apples to oranges.

      • And if by “tapping into the 1980s cartoon” you mean “grabbing everything they can from it and splattering it across the screen”, then sure.

  • Also, you’re kinda dead wrong on Ghostbusters, but don’t let me stop you patting yourself on the back for how progressive your hot take on the film’s reception is, Sam.

    • Samuel Patrick Flynn

      Thanks Danny!

  • Vegas82

    Warcraft’s lore is a very cheap version of good fantasy. Which is probably why the trailers are all action.

    • AP

      I bet you haven’t read a single Warcraft novel. If you haven’t, your opinion is as worthless as it is blind.

      • Vegas82

        I have tried on more than one occasion(couldn’t get through them due to their quality) and have played the games since WC2(including top 100 raiding in the mmo). My opinion is based on reading fantasy novels my entire life and seeing how terrible the lore is in the Warcraft universe.

        • xxjinzaxx

          It’s not for you, man. Thankfully there are things that resonate with you that you can enjoy. WC appeals to many. Let it be.