Heroic Insider Rebirth Episode 3: The Future of DCEU, ‘James…

In the third episode of Heroic Insider Rebirth, Heroic Hollywood Founder and The Wrap Reporter Umberto Gonzalez along with film producer Daniel Alter talk about Wonder Woman and the future of the DCEU.  With Wonder Woman crossing $300 million domestic this upcoming weekend, what is next for the DC Extended Universe?

The duo also discuss the Spider-Man: Homecoming box office tracking, the latest Daniel Craig James Bond rumor, and with Joss Whedon currently directing additional photography in Justice League, will Batgirl appear in the the upcoming superhero ensemble film? Is there additional cast joining Justice League as well?

Check out the video above!

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez has been covering the fanboy beat & breaking scoops for 14 years with numerous Hollywood trade, newspaper, & magazine mentions to his credit.