HEROIC RECAP: Arrow 04.05 ‘Haunted’ Featuring The Return of John Constantine

John Constantine makes his debut in the world of The Arrow/Flash tonight in Arrow episode 04.05 ‘Haunted.’ An episode that is my favorite of the season so far, and a real good sign of what is to come, as the writers clean house of ghosts and secrets.

IMDb described the episode as such:

Oliver calls in a favor from old friend John Constantine when things with Sara take a turn for the worse.

That description barely scratches the surface of what was going down with Team Arrow tonight. It was a standout episode, with the best flashback sequence in two years and an energetic tone that has been lacking this season.

Sarah escaped last episode after Laurel was able to convince their Father not to kill the revenant of his baby girl. Unfortunately, she’s been stalking the streets and murdering women that bare an uncanny resemblance to Thea, the woman that killed her. Caity Lotz gives an  impressive performance, physically embodying the primal nature of the resurrected Sarah. It was a shame to see her leave the show, and I can’t wait for more action with her on Legends of Tomorrow.

John Constantine is introduced to us via this week’s flashback to the island. Ollie is coming under close scrutiny from Conklin, and when he takes Ollie to meet the boss man, we find our favorite mystical gumshoe in handcuffs. In true Constantine style he asks for a cigarette while licking blood from his lips. Matt Ryan is Constantine. He cements his hold on the role with charm, and I hope DC Film department is taking note of him, and the incredible casting of Felicia Fasano. Constantine is able to slip his handcuffs and take Ollie hostage as his island guide.

Constantine introduces Ollie to the unseen world of magick by taking him on a quest for the Orb of Horus, which long time DC Fans will recognize as a key part of Hawkman mythology. Ollie and Constantine become trusted friends, by the time the flashback is over, which is a very good thing, because present day Ollie is in need of the services that only John Constantine can provide.

In an amazing battle at the abandoned Verdant club, our heroes are able to capture and drug Sarah. Ollie puts in a call to John Constantine who arrives and proceeds to charm every woman in sight and annoy Dig. He’s a lovable scamp and he knows how they can return Sarah’s soul to her body. Using a Restitution Spell Constantine is able to send Laurel and Ollie into the Magical Realm to retrieve Sarah’s soul.

In a great action sequence that gives Matt Ryan a chance to do action he never got to do on his show, we see our heroes do battle with demons in the form of League of Assassin members. Ollie and Laurel work together to pull Sarah from the Lazarus pit in the nick of time, while Constantine fights of the Big Bad.

Sarah is back and Quentin Lance is there to hug his daughter, it’s a great moment in a standout episode as we find Team Arrow more united than ever. But before Constantine leaves he warns Ollie that Darhk is not a man to fight, and that the best course of action would be a strategic retreat. I have a strong feeling that we have not seen the last of John Constantine on Arrow.

Throughout the episode the writers gave each character the opportunity to come clean and purge their secrets. It was a great idea because honestly, the show was getting bogged down with a web of lies. Everyone got the catharsis of coming clean. Including, a stand out scene where Laurel and Ollie have it out over his hypocrisy. There was also a subplot involving Lance and Diggle investigating the death of Dig’s younger brother. It was revealed that Andrew Diggle was a criminal who came into opposition with Hive and he was assassinated.

Truly a stand out episode, filled with wit, great action, and the ultimate unification of Team Arrow.  What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you want to see more of John Constantine on Arrow? And hopefully The Flash? Let us know below.

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