Heroic Recap: Supergirl 01.04 ‘Livewire’

Following last week’s tragic acts of terrorism in Paris, Syria, and Kenya CBS opted to alter the order of this season’s episodes and give us 01.04 ‘Livewire’ one week early. The episode was designed to be the Thanksgiving episode and it treats us to a lot of holiday drama, optimism, and an important reveal for the Danver family.

The episode started with a fun little action set piece built around an escaped alien prisoner, foiled by Kara in the DEO headquarters:


The alien prisoner is revealed to be a female of the species to which Kara responds, “Respect.” I snorted.

Kara and Alex are both on edge this week because their mother is coming for Thanksgiving dinner, but there is drama because Mom doesn’t know about Alex’s work with the DEO. Mom arrives and compliments Kara’s costume and immediately tells Alex she looks tired. The level of passive aggressive Mom shade seems really innapropriate because there is no way to wave away her meanness as concern. I feel bad for Alex protecting the alien child that got all the love that she was denied. CUCKOO!!! I’m just glad that Alex isn’t a supervillain with a childhood like that.

We are treated to a really mean montage of every character reacting to the CATCO Shock Jock Leslie Willis. I won’t repeat her comments but i was impressed with how ugly the writers were willing to get. But bullying is very real, and our media culture of tearing people down for comments and clicks is also very real. But it is something Kara and Heroic Hollywood don’t support.

Cat is pissed at Leslie because her comments are attacking her Supergirl, the Tribune’s cash cow. Leslie is upset to have her content dictated to her by her boss, how she never saw that coming? I accept it, I’m watching a show about a gal from outer space. Cat makes it clear that the world wants optimism and hope and that Leslie is over because she is off brand. The show has made it clear in its own text the mission of the show and that message is needed more than ever following the terrorist attacks. This episode switch was a great idea.

Rather than buying out Leslie’s contract, Cat demotes her to traffic copter reporter, and she is sent out into the stormy night. Lightning damages the helicopter and Kara shoots into action to save the pilot and Leslie. Unfortunately, lightning strikes Kara and fills Leslie with a strange energy altered by her Kryptonian DNA.

Later at the hospital we find Cat and Kara paying respects to the unconscious Leslie. Kara states Supergirl is probably feeling guilty about the accident. Cat corrects Kara by saying that if anyone is responsible, she is responsible because she put her in the helicopter.  After Kara leaves, Cat gives Leslie a motivational speech and leaves. Leslie’s eyes open and spark.

Kara, Winn, Alex, and Mom gather for a Thanksgiving dinner:


Kara is called into work and meets with Cat at The Tribune. Leslie makes her appearance as the newly superpowered Livewire; I was glad to see the TV sets behind Cat’s desk pay off. Cat sends Kara for help and Supergirl arrives to fight off Livewire. Kara is able to save Cat from dying in an elevator controlled by Livewire.

The DEO and Henshaw arrive and he offers a plan to help deal with Livewire. Cat asks Kara to get the Feds to bring her Supergirl, because she has a plan. Supergirl returns and agrees to use Cat as bait to lure out Livewire. Henshaw and Alex supply Kara with a Ghostbuster style energy alien container to use on Live wire and the trap is set.

The big action set piece with Livewire was a lot of fun like The Wonderwoman TV show meets the animated Justice League:


Cat and Kara discuss what tabloid story to run, and Cat chooses to run neither. Instead The Tribune will focus on holiday volunteers, because liberals love guilt, and mean isn’t good for business.

At the end of the episode, Mom reveals that after the girl’s childhood flying incident, The DEO recruited their father. He worked for the DEO and he did not die in a plane crash as they were told. The flashback showed us that Henshaw recruited Papa Danvers for his Superman intel. It was this deal that protected young Kara from the DEO.

Kara and Alex agree to get to the bottom of this mystery.

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