HEROIC RECAP: Supergirl 01.06 ‘Red Faced’

Supergirl steps up the super powered hijinx this week and gets a serious lesson in anger management. Episode 01.06 ‘Red Faced’ is summarized by IMDb as follows:

Stress makes Kara go too far during a training exercise against a military cyborg commissioned by General Sam Lane, while Cat’s mother comes to visit and Winn helps Alex investigate her father’s death.

The episode opens with Kara stopping a road rage incident before anyone can be hurt. Unfortunately, her strength and temper scares some kids and creates a bit of a PR nightmare.


The whole Lane family but Lois appears to be in town this week with General Lane hot to test his latest war machine. The Red Tornado invented by T.O. Morrow a classic comic book evil genius, but don’t tell the Superfriends, they don’t know that yet.

Kara shouldn’t volunteer to test the android but she’s spoiling for a good fight and not too happy with Lucy Lane. Our girl Kara whoops Red’s ass and then General Lane blames the unleashed weapon of mass destruction on her. This would be the worst thing that Lane did this episode if he wasn’t boldly racist and against his daughter dating Jimmy Olsen. Yes, Lois Lane’s Dad is racist and a jerk.


There are some twists and turns but T.O. shows his true colors and it is revealed that he is utilizing his android nefariously. Using a Kryptonian advanced holographic technology they are able to lure Red to a safe location for Supergirl to administer a cathartic ass kicking.


In the subplots this week we see Cat’s Mother visit, and Cat finds the strength to stand up to her Mom and stop her from harassing Kara.

Winn and Kara sit Alex down and reveal a file he uncovered with details on the final mission where Poppa Danvers disappeared. He was on a mission with Henshaw and Henshaw has been redacting the files of the mission. No one knows what really happen but Henshaw, and our girls are gonna need some answers.

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