Heroic Roundtable: ’The Flash’ Season 3 So Far

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the-flash-season-3a-roundtableThis season on The Flash, the show took on the famous DC Comics storyline Flashpoint as Barry Allen changed the timeline more than once and now his world looks a bit different. Caitlin Snow now has powers, Cisco has lost his brother and that’s not even half of the changes. While Barry has been dealing with a new timeline, two dangerous enemies have emerged in Central City, with Doctor Alchemy and the dangerous speed-god, Savitar.

With the series now on hiatus until late January, we here at Heroic Hollywood are doing a number of Heroic Roundtables to discuss the first half of various TV shows until they return. While we wait for the show to return, several Heroic Hollywood writers came together to discuss the first nine episodes of Season 3, and our expectations for the second half of the season. So hit the next button below and let’s dive into Season 3A – be aware though for spoilers from the first nine episodes.

Page 1: The TV Show’s Take On Flashpoint

Page 2: Rise Of Savitar & Doctor Alchemy

Page 3: Evolution Of Heroes (& Villains?)

Page 4: Iris & Barry Relationship

Page 5: 4-Show “Invasion!” Crossover

Page 6: Hopes For Season 3B, The Prophecies & More

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Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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