12 Highlights From The ‘Black Panther’ Teaser Trailer

12. The Reintroduction Of Ulysses Klaue & Everett Ross

Black Panther Everett Ross KlaueBoth Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) have had small roles in the MCU. Klaue was introduced to us in Avengers: Age of Ultron, having secured/stolen the rare metal vibranium from Wakanda and sold it to Ultron for the purpose of creating the perfect body (which would eventually become Vision). Ross was introduced in Captain America: Civil War. Both roles, while small, signified that two major characters from the Black Panther narrative were within the MCU, which means they would have a larger role in a Black Panther film, so it’s only right that the two of them would be the bridge for the audience to Wakanda.

The trailer opens with Klaue being interrogated by Ross; this is assumed after he is captured in some sort. Klaue tells Ross about the legend of Wakanda. Remember, this is an isolated secretive nation with their borders closed to the outside world. As far as Ross knows, it’s a “third world country”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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  • Sharma

    Yes….. finally. Black Panther teaser trailer is out. I absolutely cannot wait for the movie. Boseman, Lupita, Andy Serkis and everyone looks amazing. The VFX is truly something else. A reaction to the trailer: Black Panther Trailer Shows When Marvel Hits Back, It Hits Back Hard http://edtimes.in/2017/06/black-panther-trailer-marvel/

  • Axxell

    I gotta stop watching the trailer… I might get a heart attack from the hype…