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Matt Damon HollywoodThey have worked smart. These Hollywood celebrities have earned huge sums of money, invested in real estates, purchased posh cars and privates’ jets and fulfilled all their heart’s desires. So, what do you do when you have more money than your needs? Gamble with it or donate to a charity organization.

This is what most of the movie celebs do with the surplus money. It is not a secret that most Hollywood stars love to gamble. As matter of fact, some have lost their whole life earnings to gambling. Casinos know well that they have more than enough to spend, which is why they offer them exclusive service reserved for VIP and High Rollers.

Nonetheless, celebrities do not only gamble because they have excess but as a way of getting in touch with the reality in life while giving them an opportunity to learn. Let’s have a short tour into the lives of some popular names in Hollywood who have made headlines from gambling.

Matt Damon

Do you remember the famous movie, ‘Rounders’ in 1998? A young man, Matt, plays Mikey, who helps his friend to pay off his loan sharks by returning to the poker table. The truth is that Matt Damon is a die-hard fan of poker game. In fact, he was once charged for participating in an illegal poker ring which involved some of the famous screen names including Ben Affleck. The games were hosted in a multi-billion private residences and it included popular TV faces like Tobey Maguire Leonardo di Caprio and Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck

Just like his old time buddy, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck is a smart card player, especially in Blackjack and Poker. Ben is a great director, screenwriter, and an Academy Award-winning actor. His Academy Award was for the best original screenplay in the 1997 movie called ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Unfortunately, his addiction to gambling sends him to rehab back in 2001. It is rumored that he once lost $400,000 in a poker hand. And in another rumor, Ben and Matt won a whopping $800,000 after wagering $60,000. In his drunkenness, he tipped a staff $150,000.

Pamela Anderson

Probably one of the big female names in the gambling industry. Pamela Anderson is known for her for poker games. According to news reports, she lost quarter a million dollars playing poker back in 2007. Rumor has it that the Baywatch star allegedly got married to Rick Salomon to settle her $250,000 debt she owes a Las Vegas casino.

Tobey Maguire

Did you know that the famous Spiderman star is a big poker player? He learned his poker expertise from a Canadian poker player Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu has a record of winning 6 World Series of Poker events. His smartness in the game of Texas Hold Em Poker enabled him to win $10 million for participating in various poker tournaments. His addiction to gambling and alcohol started when he was still a teenager and by the age of 19, he was in admitted to AA rehab center.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen of ‘Two And a Half Men’ is another star known for his gambling addiction. This does not come as a surprise as a surprise since Sheen seems to like all forms of vices, womanizing, alcoholism, substance abuse… name them all. As a matter of fact, his ex-wife, Denise Richards claims that Sheen could spend more than $200,000 in a week on gambling alone. It is reported that he has transformed from his old ways.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano was a star in the famous TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. He has been a Poker player since 2007 and has been a regular visitor at the World Series of Poker. He once shined in 2013 when he made it to the third day of the event and was the only celebrity remaining. Ray also participates in other gambling and sports betting.

Jennifer Tilly

With a longtime experience in the film industry, Jennifer Tilly decided to try a hand in poker. Initially, she had made a name for featuring in popular movies like Hill Street Blues, Bullets Over Broadway, Liar, and Fabulous Baker Boys. She is just as proud of her acting accomplishment as a high roller poker player. She has a strong background in poker games. It is said that it is her family’s Friday night game. Tilly has won in the World Series ten times in the last 9 years.

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