Hot Toys Unveils New ‘Justice League’ Cosbaby Toy Line

The Justice League is assembling once again, this time as babies. Hot Toys is unveiling a new toy line which features everyone’s favorite members of the Justice League as adorable Cosbaby mini figurines. Check them out in some of the pictures below:

cosbaby-aquaman cosbaby-aquaman cosbaby-batman cosbaby-batman cosbaby-cyborg cosbaby-cyborg cosbaby-flash cosbaby-flash justice-league-flash-3 justice-league-mera justice-league-mera-2 justice-league-superman justice-league-wonder-woman justice-league-wonder-woman-2

As you can see, the lineup consists of Superman, Aquaman, Mera, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and of course Batman. The Cosbaby figurines are all between 10 and 12 centimeters tall, and each one has a rotatable head, should you desire to pose your characters. The Cosbabies are representative of the “chibi” form. This means that they bear resemblance to the actual normal-sized characters they are based on, but in more of a cute anime sort of fashion.

Also included with select figures in the set are each character’s weapons. This series includes Batman’s batarangs, Cyborg’s arm cannon, Wonder Woman’s lasso, and Aquaman’s trident. Certain figures such as Superman and The Flash show off their abilities. Featured here are Superman’s heat vision and The Flash’s speed force.

The figurines will be available both individually and as a set, and should be released later this year.

Are you going to buy the Cosbaby lineup? Comment below!


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DC Comics DetectivesThe D in “DC” stands for detective, so it makes sense DC features various detective characters. There are more characters with super strength than detectives, so regardless of how many supersnopes we may have, it is a relatively rare quality. Most problems in comics seem to be solved by punching, so when a hero can diffuse situations using his mind I’m quite impressed. I wish some of our real-life detectives had some of the tactical abilities as the heroes on this list.

Yeah, Sherlock Holmes has been featured in DC Comics before, but I didn’t think it was fair to include the master himself on this list!

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