Hugh Jackman Responds to ‘Deadpool’ Trailer’s Eve Video

The #12DaysOfDeadpool promotional campaign is in its eleventh hour, with a new Deadpool trailer to be released next week. In the meantime, fans have been treated to the following anticipatory video, containing a new cut consisting of footage that we have already seen in previous trailers.

While the video is certainly fun, it doesn’t really offer anything new. For new imagery, we look to Hugh Jackman. The star of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the film from which Deadpool’s origin story is currently being rebooted, released the following tweet aimed at Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

Either Jackman is an absolute Photoshop ace, or it would appear that his participation in #12DaysOfDeadpool has been planned for some time. While his character won’t likely be making a big-screen appearance when Deadpool releases on February 12, 2016, it’s nice to see the former co-stars getting along and poking fun at one another in anticipation of the new film.

Stay tuned tomorrow, as a brand new Deadpool trailer hits the web on Christmas Day.

(Kieran Hair)

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