Hyundai Enlists Batman, The Flash, & Superman In A New Commercial

This week in South Korea, Hyundai has released a new advertisement for their new Grandeur line of vehicles, but what makes this commercial so special is that it has Batman, The Flash, and Superman coming to save a city and a woman who is in peril in a crumbling parking garage.  The commercial ends with the heroes disappearing into a cloud of smoke and then the 3 cars appear out of the smoke cloud, while the narrator of the commercial calling it an “unexpected lineup”.

The commercial’s intent is to show the strength, speed, and reliability of their vehicles by using these 3 heroes as symbols for that.  It’s a clever ad with a good amount of high quality special effects, and with all of the D.C. related film and television coming within the next year or so it makes perfect sense for Hyundai to use these characters to sell their products.

You can watch the commercial below


(Christian Michael Stoic)

Heroic Staff

Heroic Staff

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