6 Ways To Make The ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel Better

1. Better Script

A film’s script is the foundation upon which it is built; it’s really hard to make a good movie if the script sucks. And the weak writing was definitely Suicide Squad‘s biggest flaw. The plot was non-existent. It didn’t do Enchantress, as a character, any favors. The dialogue was pretty bad at times, and no character was exempt. I don’t really blame Ayer, though, because he reportedly only had six weeks (!) to write it in order to maintain the frenetic schedule that the film was on.

Come on, Warner Bros. Six weeks? There’s just no way. It’s the studio’s fault for announcing a slate of upcoming DC films with hard dates way back in 2014, and setting things in motion financially that made it imperative for Suicide Squad to hit it’s scheduled opening. This whole writing process is reminiscent of Ryan Reynolds’ comments about his Green Lantern experience: no set script when filming began, constant changes, making it up as you go along.

So for the sequel, please hire a writer. Now. Don’t start production until the director and whoever else involved have a script that is fully developed and that they are happy with. If it takes six months longer than you want, don’t worry, we will all still come out to see it. I’m sure we would all rather wait a little longer for a better product than get another rushed, half-baked film. It’s better for the brand, and it’s better for us.

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Andrew McBride

Andrew McBride

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