‘In Two Weeks’ Flash Promo Released

A new promo for Season Two of CW’s ‘The Flash’ has hit the web, along with a new poster. The teaser gives us new looks at Jay Garrick and a lot of action and fun. Check out the video and poster below!


Most of the teaser is behind the scenes looks at everyone’s favorite show about the scarlet speedster, but also some new footage from the upcoming season. Some great new shots of the highly anticipated debut of original Flash Jay Garrick, funny lines, and, of course, some great moments from the main cast. There’s a lot to get excited about in this twenty second promo!

Does this trailer get you even more pumped for Season 2? Is ‘The Flash’ your favorite comic book show? Let us know in the Comments!

You can catch the return of ‘The Flash’ Tuesday, October 6, at 8 P.M. EST!

(Flynn Altomare) 

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Heroic Staff

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