‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Early Reviews Appear


This weekend Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters and the aliens are back once again. It wasn’t clear if early reviews would be appearing online after reports surfaced previously that critics wouldn’t be able to see the film until Friday morning. Early showings will start on Thursday for Resurgence.

Those reports were partially true. Journalists in other countries have been able to see the film and their early reviews have hit the web.

Below is a collection of early reviews for Independence Day: Resurgence.


“Resurgence” is exactly what you expect, down to the predictable story beats, the laughably earnest dialogue, the fundamental misunderstanding of science and the plot holes deep enough to reach Earth’s gooey delicious center. But that’s all beside the point. You should never have expected it to be anything else.


Allowing the same blend of multiplex-rattling spectacle and ‘yeah, you got us’ daftness, Emmerich has gone all out to recapture his ’96 mojo and, for the most part, succeeds. While the occasional call-back clunks (Jessie Usher as orphaned-son-of-Will-Smith Dylan Hiller fails to sell the line, “Get ready for a close encounter, bitch!”, but we’re not sure who ever could), other riffs prove sonorously nostalgic. And we’re not just talking about another death-defying dog. Whether it’s Goldblum reliving his co-pilot jitters in another spacecraft, Bill Pullman pulling on his flight suit once more as PTSD-stricken ex-president Whitmore, or Brent Spiner making a welcomely deranged return as surprisingly not-dead professor Brakish Okun, you’ll likely thrum with the same sweet, not-able-to-take-it-too-seriously joy you felt during the first film.

The Telegraph

Given the film’s pretence of take-no-prisoners bombast, there’s something desperately feeble about Resurgence’s determination to ride the coat-tails of its predecessor until they rip. In addition to another solo manned flight into the bowels of the mothership (performed by Randy Quaid last time around), there’s also a dogfight over silvery salt flats, a puppy in peril, more creepy tentacle ventriloquism, and another patronising shot of third-world nomads cheering on a ridge.


A silly, cheesy, spectacle-driven blockbuster with heart, Independence Day: Resurgence is a refreshing antidote to the grim and the serious sentiment we’ve seen trending in sci-fi flicks of recent years. While its plot is messy and it’s stuffed with too many characters, I dare you not to leave the theatre with a guilt-free smile on your face.

Digital Spy 

After the giggle-free The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 it’s a relief to see a return to the anarchic, bombastic and euphoric silliness that ID4 captured so well back in the ’90s. Resurgence might not be quite as quotable, and the 20 year gap may prove too long a wait for the casual moviegoer but for fans of the original it should prove pleasing popcorn pulp. It’s silly, it’s ridiculous, it’s over the top. And it’s a perfect piece of ’90s nostalgia.

Source: Slashfilm

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