Independent Comics Perfect For TV

10. Shadowman

Shadowman is for Supernatural fans who wish the show was scarier or a bit bloodier.

While a voodoo dripping mystery in the heart of New Orleans sounds stereotypical, writer Justin Jordan ensures the series feels fresh and respectful of the town’s unique culture as Jack Boniface struggles to stop Master Darque from taking over the world.  In the middle of all this dark magic is a group of grounded characters with understandable emotions and motivations that keep the audience engaged in the journey of the series.  Jack, like many protagonists, never asked to be thrust into the middle of the problem he finds himself dealing with, but he has to learn and adapt over time and choose to do what’s best for the world as he fights Darque’s evil forces on Earth and in the underworld.

The independent comic has a serious tone and the fight scenes deserve choreography on par with Daredevil, but I can’t help but think the show would benefit if the producers leaned on the character’s schlocky, B-horror roots and occasionally used quippy dialogue and a lot of blood to create a feeling similar to the Evil Dead series currently airing on STARZ.  What’s best is the fact that the show doesn’t have to exclusively follow Jack’s adventures since  there have been multiple iterations of the Shadowman throughout time, allowing the series to touch on how supernatural concepts and beings were thought about at different times in history if the series ever begins to stall in the 21st century.