The Internet Reacts To Gareth Evans Directing A Deathstroke Movie

Deathstroke Gareth Evans Joe ManganielloEarlier today, it was reported that The Raid: Redemption and The Raid 2 director Gareth Evans is in talks with Warner Bros. and DC Films to helm a film centered on the villain Deathstroke, with Joe Manganiello still attached to play Slade Wilson.

As per usual with the announcement of brand new comic book films in development, fans have voiced their reactions online. For the most part, people are quite intrigued at the idea of an Evans-directed Deathstroke movie with Manganiello starring:

Not every reaction online is as excited about this news though. Some fans are questioning why Warner Bros. and DC Films are continuing to explore more standalone films for different characters rather than focusing on future films such as a Man of Steel sequel.

And interestingly enough, Twitter user @KillCrites may be thinking of Godzilla director Gareth Edwards in regards to the Deathstroke news:

Thankfully, there is no need to worry about that prospect. Evans has proven himself as a master of directing some of the most impressive action sequences ever put on cinema. The Raid: Redemption succeeded as a contained, high-stakes thriller with a level of brutality in the violence that is nearly unmatched in most American action films.

Evans would then go on to top all of the action featured in The Raid: Redemption with his magnum opus, The Raid 2 – an expansion upon the original not just through its continuation of the story, but also in its spectacle of some of the greatest fight choreography of all-time.

Warner Bros. and DC Films should be celebrating at the prospect of a visionary talent like Evans directing a Deathstroke movie. That way, audiences can be treated to what will certainly be one of the most well-choreographed comic book action they may ever see.

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Geoff Johns DC Sinestro Corps WarDC superstar Geoff Johns is reasserting himself back into the comic book world in a big way with Doomsday Clock. Characters from Watchmen have been bleeding into the DC Universe since the beginning of DC Rebirth, and Johns, no stranger to writing universe threatening tales, has finally kicked that story into high-gear.

Johns has also been working at DC Films, but he got his start in the comic book world. He has been my favorite comic book writer since I started reading comics as a kid and his skill has only expanded since then. As his name has grown, Johns has been able to take more and more risks as he utilizes his signature, emotion-filled storytelling techniques on everyone from Aquaman to Superman.

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