The Internet Reacts To Michael Bay Potentially Directing A ‘Lobo’ Movie

Michael Bay DC Films LoboShortly after the news broke that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to play The Joker in Todd Phillips’ origin movie about the Clown Prince of Crime, it was revealed that veteran Transformers director Michael Bay was also in talks to helm the long-in-development standalone Lobo movie.

Should Bay be satisfied with a rewrite of the script by screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) based on notes he gave to executives at Warner Bros., the director will continue negotiating towards a deal to board the project.

Naturally, fans have taken to the internet to voice their response to Bay possibly bringing his Bayhem to a movie about the indestructible blue-skinned anti-hero. While a lot of fans don’t seem to be happy with the news, many also seem to think Bay is a great fit for the film.

You can check out some of the reactions from around the web below and stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on Lobo as well as the future of DC Films as we learn it.

5 Actors Who Should Play Two-Face Ιn Τhe DC Extended Universe

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Two-Face DC ComicsWhile characters like Joker and Catwoman are the most popular among Batman’s rogues gallery, Two-Face is one of the most tragic and menacing. The character has already been played by Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart on the big screen, but Two-Face has yet to join the newly-created DC Extended Universe. With The Batman coming out soon, there’s a solid chance audiences will be introduced to Harvey Dent as Matt Reeves expands on Gotham City.

Two-Face wasn’t always a dastardly villain, though. He started out as a dedicated District Attorney in Gotham. After taking the mob to court too many times, Harvey had acid thrown on his face. Not only did the incident scar half of his face, but it also sent Dent down a path of mental instability. While Dent can control himself sometimes, more often than not his murderous persona comes out and the two are forced to argue for control over his actions. Obsessed with the the idea of chance and what’s fair, Two-Face has a personal history with the Caped Crusader that makes this dangerous villain an emotional challenge for Batman unlike any of his other foes.

Hit Next to see who should bring Two-Face back to the big screen in the DC Extended Universe! 

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