‘Iron Fist’ Episodes 8-10 Reviews: Unnecessary Evil

Iron FistIron Fist transitions to the endgame of its first season in episodes eight, nine, and ten. The story reveals, though long delayed, clarify the stakes of the show and add much needed depth, notably in the form two secret series regulars. Sacha Dhawan plays Davos (known as Steel Serpent in the comics), a villain who gets the Mordo treatment as an ally-turned-rival from the hero’s training days, and Ramon Rodriguez returns from episode 7 as Bakuto, Colleen’s enigmatic sensei.

We also get some cool new information and context on the Hand, the activities of which have remained shrouded in mystery across their previous appearance in the two seasons of Daredevil. While much of it will be pleasing to fans of the character or fans of the Marvel/Netflix universe (of which I am one), there is too much flab and narrative missteps to allow the show’s bright spots to shine through clearly. Though the show won’t likely change what is fundamentally working against it as it approaches its first season finale, there are plenty of new developments and twists that are very much worth talking about.

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    this show never improves

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      Well that’s just simply not true, lmfao. Get that negativity out of here

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        oh but it’s true