‘Iron Fist’ Episodes 1-4 Reviews: A Sluggish Start

the iron fist
As you are no doubt aware, Iron Fist is here! How’s your watch going, fellow bingers? Whether you’re one episode in or have already consumed the whole 13-episode meal, these reviews are for you, a space to talk about what just happened as we go on the journey of Danny Rand aka the Immortal Iron Fist. There’s been a lot to talk about the show leading up to release, from the reviews to the character’s function in modern pop culture.

The first six episodes, which I was lucky to preview, were a very, very slow start. Nevertheless, there are some interesting ideas at work in Iron Fist and they’re worth excavating, ideas like what’s after death and a nascent critique of unbridled capitalism. For all its flaws, the show can offer a deeper exploration of the nitty-gritty of streaming television, comic book adaptations, and old-fashioned storytelling (the good and the bad). Let’s dig in, shall we?

The reviews will be separated into “pods,” this first containing episodes 1-4, and the three more containing three episodes each. Click Next to start or click which episode review you’d like to read first:


Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

Sam is a writer and journalist whose passion for pop culture burns with the fire of a thousand suns and at least three LED lamps.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    Iron Fist is interesting and intriguing from the opening scene of episode 1. You need a story and a plot to build up for the season. Saying it’s a slow start means you don’t have interest or patience.

  • Antonio

    Yeah you just have no patience, as a lot of comic book shows/movies viewers don’t. They want everything thrown at them within the first 10 minutes and for everything else to be drawn out for the remainder. The show was very intriguing and you can tell the writers and producers wanted to have a huge finale and I’m here for it

  • Levi Everaerts

    So, to recap: “Clunky, clunky, boring, no fist yet, yay fist, racism.”

    My advice? Get out while you still can. If this is how you’ll be watching the show, stop.

  • Alejandro Castro

    I see a lot of people complain about Danny being better than everyone in martial arts, including asians. Isn’t it more racist to stick to the stereotype that every asian know and is good at martial arts? It’s like saying every black person is amazing at basketball and rapping. You know that knowledge is not restrained to the race of a person right? That means a white man can perfectly learn martial arts and be better than an asian. I mean, if you want a real life example, take a look at Eminem. He is a white man known as one of the best rappers of all time. So with all this said, I just don’t get why people think Finn Jones as Iron Fist is a problem. You can argue the show has other problems, but a white Iron Fist is not one of them.

    • Carts Elemieux

      but Eminem had to deal with people telling him hes white. You’d think someone would say white boy can jump or something when hes banging everyone

  • Let’sBeFriends

    “Who wrote the scene where Danny breaks into Colleen’s dojo, teaches her class, and then explains martial arts to her?”

    Colleen teaches and practices Japanese martial arts, and follows the Bushido code. Danny practices Chinese martial arts. While both are “martial arts”, these things aren’t interchangeable or one amorphous monolith.

    So what Danny is doing is dickishly gloating about his form of martial art in opposition to her, not telling her how to do her Japanese martial arts. To emphasise this, Colleen an ep or so later is pretty dismissive of his form, calling it “wuxia bullshit”.