More ‘Iron Fist’ Set Images Appear Featuring ‘Danny Rand’ & ‘Joy Meachum’

Iron Fist Set Images 2 HeaderYesterday production kicked off on Marvel & Netflix’s Iron Fist and we got our first images from the set of the production. While those first few images weren’t exactly the best shots of the series lead, we’ve got a new batch of much clearer images from the set. These new images feature Finn Jones ‘Danny Rand’ seemingly re-uniting with Jessica Stroup’s ‘Joy Meachum’ after returning to New York from K’un-Lun.

Check out the new images in the gallery below and let us know what you think about them in the comments section afterwards.

After his family meets a tragic fate while on expedition in China, a young Rand is adopted by the people of the mystical lost city of K’un-Lun, where he’s taught a magical fighting style. Years later, he returns to New York to fight crime.

Iron Fist is expected to debut on Netflix sometime in early 2017.

Source: Just Jared

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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  • Math

    Is it just me or does their clothes look like they are from the ’80s or something?

  • Bruce Norris

    Would be nice if it all took place in the 70’s. Anyway, I like what I see (surprised!). Let me see “the mark” and his fighting skills.