‘IT: Chapter Two’: Bill Skarsgard On Shooting The Sequel With The Adult Cast

IT Pennywise Bill SkarsgardIT: Chapter Two star, and subject of every 10-year old’s nightmares, Bill Skarsgard has revealed how different shooting was with the sequel’s adult cast.

Despite the critical acclaim the first film’s young cast received, the second film will follow suit with the book’s storyline by adapting what happens when It returns once the Losers Club are adults. With new A-list cast members joining for the sequel anticipation is ever growing for the fans, but Skarsgard remembers that the first film’s lack of expectations is what allowed for him to deliver such a unique performance:

“Yeah, it’s weird. It’s a bit strange ‘cause it’s a very different thing now. The first time I did it, nobody knew what I would do with it, so it was just all of this expectation. I didn’t know if it would work, or if people would respond to it. There was a lot of that worry going on about it. But that was also cool ‘cause I was just doing my thing and nobody knew what that was or could tell me how I should do it. I was like, “I’m gonna distance myself from the Tim Curry performance, and then come up with some weird stuff, myself.” I worked really closely with Andy [Muschietti], the director.”

Skarsgard reveals he felt a little dissonant returning to the role after his performance became such a worldwide phenomenon:

“This time around, because the movie became such a phenomenon, it’s almost like I’m re-adapting myself. The character became very iconic. Pennywise became a star. You see Instagram posts of people dressing up or dressing their kids as Pennywise for Halloween. It’s all over the place. LeBron James was Pennywise. How surreal is that? So, it became this completely universal thing, outside of the thing. That’s not me. I can’t even relate myself to it anymore.”

Nevertheless, Skarsgard concedes that it didn’t take long to get back into the oversized shoes of the demon clown that haunts Derry:

“And now that I’m going back and doing it, it’s such a bizarre thing. I don’t think I’ll ever really experience anything like it. It’s this dualistic thing of me and the work and the character, and then the thing that it became, but it’s fun. We had the read-through and I’ve done some rehearsals, and I was surprised how much of the character was just there already. I instantly could access him again, like it was yesterday that we wrapped the first one. It was just all there. So, the work and preparation and figuring out the character is almost intuitive, which is pretty cool. It’s a very strange thing, but I’m trying to enjoy the ride, as much as I can.”

All in all, it seems that the newest cast members change the behind-the-scenes dynamic as Skarsgard gets to hang out with some of his contemporaries instead of multiple actors quite a few years younger than him. He compares it to an established band with new members joining into an already developed dynamic:

“But off camera, I get to hang out with the entire adult cast now. It’s weird and it’s surreal because some of them are really big stars and they’re coming in to your thing. They’re stepping into the thing that me and Andy and the kids did. They’re joining the band, in a way. They’re excited, and I just had a lot of fun hanging out with all of them. It’s going to be a very different shooting experience with all adults, for sure, but it will be fun. They’re all really cool and talented people, so I think they will bring a lot to the table.”

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It: Chapter Two floats into theaters on September 6, 2019.

Source: Collider

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