iZombie Recap: ‘The Whopper’


‘The Whopper’ opens with a plot point that I had, honestly, somewhat forgotten, given the fact that it was barely mentioned in last weeks episode: Ravi and Major digging holes in the field by the Jensen Water Tower. They’re still searching for the tainted batch of Utopium, stored in the bodies of dealers Larry and Vic, and Major is elated when he unearths a face in the dirt– that is, until a concerned-looking Ravi reveals to him that this body is far too fresh to be that of their long-dead drug smugglers. Dun dun dun.

Cue Liv and Clive, who looks like he isn’t quite sure he believes their excuse about finding the body while geocaching (I’m waiting for a Professor McGonagall style “Why is it always you three?” out of him someday), along with the rest of the Seattle Police Department, who reveal that their body was shot in the back and a coaster with a phone number written on it was found in the grave with him. Things are especially chilly between Clive and Major when Clive pulls him to the side to ask about Julien DuPont and new evidence regarding the Meat Cute case; Major recalls how Clive didn’t believe him saying DuPont had a human brain in his car, and how that partially led to Major being committed. Ouch. But Major has a point.

The good, old-fashioned police work in this episode was strong. When the girl whose number was on the coaster is called in, she identifies the man as ‘Corey,’ saying she met him at a bar called Possibilities where he told her he was an FBI agent infiltrating a band of bank robbers; when Liv and Clive get to Possibilities, the bartender reveals his full name was Corey Carp and he was a pathological liar that actually worked for the company that supplied arcade games to the bar, collecting quarters. Clive turns one of the machines around; it is revealed that the arcade company shares the same address as Mr. Boss’ warehouse- and bam! We can now rest assured that Corey Carp, nicknamed ‘Big Fish’ not because of his last name but because of the ‘fish tales’ he told, works for Boss. This all plays out beautifully without any of Liv’s visions to help them along the way.

When they figure out that Fish actually works for Mr. Boss, and that he was coincidentally buried in the field where they are searching for the dead Utopium dealers, Liv and Co. realize that whoever killed him probably also killed the two guys they were looking for. (Because “how many people can bury bodies in this field?”) Liv makes an absolutely delicious looking bacon cheeseburger out of Fish’s brain – ‘The Whopper’ in the episode title, I presume – and promptly receives a vision featuring the very Utopium dealers they’re looking for: Drake’s high school buddy and his friend, Larry and Vic.

While they investigated Fish, Blaine was dealing with problems of his own, from being blackmailed by a customer of his prostitution ring to attending his father’s video will viewing, where he was shocked to learn that his father left everything to his childhood nanny. But his day takes a turn for the better when his henchmen call him down for a ‘surprise birthday party’ (Hint: It’s not his birthday), and they reveal that they have kidnapped The Chaos Killer as a present for him. In typical smarmy Blaine fashion, he asks The Chaos Killer aka Major to reveal the leak in Blaine’s organization that’s allowing Major to kill his customers, giving him two choices: tell and be killed quickly and painlessly with a bullet to the head, or remain silent and be turned into a zombie and buried alive to pine for brains forever.

Major reveals he was given a list of 300 names of possible zombies, and the task of discovering who’s a zombie and who is not. He refused to divulge that he got the list from Max Rager, but he does tell Blaine that he was forced to cooperate or else they would kill everyone on the list, starting with Liv. He also reveals that Blaine’s customers are not dead, including his father. And just like that, the tables are turned, and Major has collateral on Blaine- because if Blaine can get his father out of the deep freeze, Blaine can get his father to film a new video will. Letting Major out of the coffin he threatened to bury him in, Blaine asks Major to retrieve his father and also informs him that they will be working together from now on.

When Major shows up with his dad later on in the episode, there is a hilarious scene where Blaine, in full old-man makeup complete with a wig, initially pretends it is 50 years later and his father has just been reawakened from a cryogenic sleep (“You missed it all! The Zombie apocalypse! The Great Flood! The Rapture!”), before revealing he has had him defrosted to change his video will. We learn that the nanny his father left everything to was cruel and abusive to Blaine, and it is a very nice piece of acting on the part of David Anders as he goes from comedic to vengeful in one fell swoop.

Over at the morgue, Liv and Ravi are still using the cured rat, New Hope, to track what will happen to Blaine and Major over time. Clive is possibly creeping closer to discovering Liv’s secret, as he has finally voiced his noticing that she takes on the personality traits of their victims, and he also reveals that the Fish case is related to another unsolved case involving a Utopium shipment, wherein an informant, Popeye Collier, who was going to testify against Boss was killed. When Liv and Clive go to see the possible killer, a man named Terrell Johnson who was found covered in blood at the scene, he immediately lawyers up. Cut to a scene of Mr. Boss being informed that Johnson has been tracked down, and I have to ask: Is there a leak in the Seattle Police Department? It also seems like Clive tracked down Johnson fairly quickly, so why couldn’t Mr. Boss?

We see Liv hanging out with Drake, until he leaves to go to ‘work’ in the middle of the night; he goes to Boss’ office, where Boss tells him to ‘take care’ of Terrell Johnson. A chilling exchange unfolds between them, wherein Drake asked what did Terrell do and Boss asks, “Does it matter?” Drake’s reply, “Not even a little,” is one of our first hints to how possibly ice cold his demeanor is. The next shot we see of Drake is him in Terrell’s apartment with a gun- he’s a hit man! And Liv, you REALLY don’t know anything about him.

Liv has a vision of Terrell bent over Popeye’s body with blood on his hands, and she realizes that this could be why Terrell killed Fish, as Fish could testify that Terrell killed Popeye. When Clive and Liv return to Terrell’s house to interview him, they find his door ajar, apartment nearly empty, and computer open to flights to Mexico. They figure he has flown the coop, and there is no indication that Drake was ever there; the problems between Liv and Drake keep on rolling as he stands her up for dinner that night after he possibly killed Terrell. He finally shows up at midnight, using the key she left under the mat, and when he startles her awake she has a vision of Fish shooting him before Don E. shoots Fish, making Drake officially an accessory to the murder she’s investigating. Drake agrees to meet Liv at his high school friend-slash-Utopian dealer Vic’s house, but when he stands her up yet again, she interviews Vic’s mother alone, having a vision in his bedroom. (And was it just me, or had Vic’s mom erected a shrine of sorts to him in there? Pictures, trophies, it was all a little creepy.)

She sees that Fish killed Larry and Vic and buried their bodies in the field by a swing set, finally giving her a clue on where to dig for the tainted Utopium- and just in time, too, because Ravi’s cured rat New Hope dies towards the end of the episode. If they can’t find the tainted Utopian in time to treat Blaine and Major, they will suffer a similar fate. The episode closed out with Liv, Ravi, and Major digging up the bodies/tainted Utopium, intercut with Blaine having his associates Chief and Candy torture his newly defrosted father to the soundtrack of… Les Miserables? (My Broadway is rusty.)

All in all, this was a fast-paced episode that revealed a lot of Drake information as well as finally giving Liv the whereabouts of the tainted Utopium. I loved the closing comic panel of ‘Fin,’ but, I have to say, I found the idea of torturing Blaine’s father, who is a zombie, to be odd. I thought they couldn’t feel physical pain? They’re playing a bit hard and fast with the rules here, but seeing Blaine dressed as an old man made it all worth it. Next week- we feast! On tainted Utopium!

(Eboni Harris)

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