Jai Courtney Says He’s Not Done With ‘Suicide Squad’ Or…

If there’s going to be a Suicide Squad 2, then we might have to wait as long as three years based on WB’s packed schedule of movies set to release through 2019. But at least one cast member is being vocal about making the sequel happen.

Jai Courtney, who played Captain Boomerang, has expressed interest in doing a sequel before, and while promoting his new film, Man Down, Courtney spoke on the likelihood of the project getting greenlit by Warner Bros.

“Listen, they keep their cards very close to their chest. I actually have no idea, I pray the answer is yes. I certainly don’t feel like I’m done with that character. I had a lot of fun playing him, and I don’t feel like anyone is done with that franchise, certainly not yet. So, I hope so, sooner or later. The studio is very busy at the moment, director David Ayer is directing something else at the moment, but I’m sure they have plans, just none that they’ve shared with me.”

Of course, Courtney could reprise the character in a different DCEU film, perhaps tying in with his connection to Flash seen in the early scenes of Suicide Squad. The movie made a lot of money for Warner Bros., but that might just signal to them that a different movie for these characters (like Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot, etc.) is warranted without repeating the beats of Task Force X. After all, Harley’s next movie is reportedly a Birds of Prey standalone, not a sequel to Suicide Squad.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Warner Bros. wants to do with everyone else.

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