James Cameron & David Fincher Put In A Good Word For ‘Deadpool’; Will ‘Bob’ Make An Appearance?

From the sounds of things, everyone loves the script for Deadpool. Having read the original script, I can definitely say it’s tons of fun. Recently websites began revealing information fro their visits to the set of the 2016 film and in IGN’s report there was something very interesting. It seems that before the film received a green light from 20th Century Fox, both directors James Cameron & David Fincher were both proponents of the film’s script and put in a good word for it with the studio.

It seems that the greenlighting process for this one was really as weird and unusual as it seemed as Reynold stated that “they didn’t tell us, they just dated the movie. There was a bit of a fever pitch after this test footage leaked and then suddenly we just see that in the trades, like everybody else, ‘oh, they dated Deadpool for February 2016,’ and we all sort of look at everybody and go ‘we’re either all making a movie or we’ve all just been summarily fired.” Looks like we all found out at about the same time, eh?

Also included within the report was something very interesting that is sure to get fans of the character very happy. It seems that at one point in the film The Merc With The Mouth is going to be going hand to hand with someone from his past named “Bob”. Of course, he can’t be a member of HYDRA in the film and there’s a chance that this could be an entirely different character. However, even if this is a completely different character with the same name,  it’s a nice little wink to the fans of the character. Make sure and comment in the box below or just break the fourth wall and talk to yourself. Either one.

Source: IGN

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