James Mangold Clarifies His Take On Disney-Fox Merger

Logan James MangoldWith the Disney-Fox merger dominating business and film headlines this month, many creatives have spoken out either in words of support or trepidation regarding the huge deal. One such person, Logan director James Mangold, took to Twitter today to clarify his earlier statements.

In the Tweet, Mangold notes how he is in no way concerned about the future of the X-Men franchise, which is expected to be folded into Disney’s hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, the visionary director notes that he is far more troubled by the fact that we are losing one of the six major film studios, and with that losing one of the few outlets that creatives can make something wholly unique and original.

You can check out the Tweet below:

Mangold’s Logan became one of the most critically acclaimed superhero films in years because it took a completely unique way of looking at the characters, through the prism of an old Western film. Losing Fox means that not only are there now fewer places for people to get the chance to take on different adaptations such as this, but also in proposing new ideas for theatrical films that have nothing to do with existing comic book properties.

So while fans can take solace knowing that Wolverine will inevitably join up with The Avengers, the chance for someone to create the next Wolverine might have gotten slimmer in the new media landscape.

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  • Tom of Steel

    Disney is a cancer on the film industry and their diehard fans are a cancer on fandom

    • …Is something no intelligent person would ever say.

      • Darthmanwe

        While his statement is shortsighted and hateful…..

        It is getting really hard to ignore how Disney fans in general are being so cavalier about how the brand they worship is starting to look and acting more and more like a mega corporation comparable to fictional ones like Umbrella corp.

        2 billion dollars in job cuts, and all Disney fans are saying is ‘I dont care how many people lose jobs as long as I get my fix.”

        So while I don’t agree with him, it is hard to defend Disney or its fans, and getting harder so with every passing day.