Jared Leto Went To Grant Morrison For Advice On Playing The Joker In ‘Suicide Squad’

We’ve been heard plenty about how committed Jared Leto was to his performance as The Joker in next year’s Suicide Squad, but what about the research that he did for the role? Comic book writer & creator Grant Morrison has revealed that he actually spoke with the actor and gave him some tips regarding playing the Clown Prince Of Crime. While speaking with Comic Heroes Magazine, Morrison had the following to say about his chat with the actor about playing the iconic DC Comics villain.

It looks quite interesting. He [Leto] called me to talk about his approach to the character and I steered him in a few directions. I’m keen to see if anything other than slicked back hair and the Marilyn Manson vibe made it into his performance.

While he didn’t have any further comment regarding Letp, Morrison did have something to add about the current batch of comic book films hitting theaters. 

I don’t think I’ve seen any great ones for a while. Age of Ultron was solid but naturally not quite the game­changer the first Avengers was. We’re all familiar with the meat ­and­ potatoes superhero stuff, so I think it’s time they made Miracleman, Enigma, Flex Mentallo or something else that’s a bit more challenging.

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Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.


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