Jason Statham Speaks Out On Marvel Films Amidst Bullseye Rumors

Recently during a press junket interview for the new Melissa McCarthy film Spy, Jason Statham took the time to talk about Marvel films and what inspires him as an actor.

A lot of the modern sort of action movies that you see you know Marvel comic sort of things. I just think any guy could do it.

He further elaborate his point by stating

“I could take my grandma and put her in a cape, and they’ll put her on a green screen and they’ll have stunt doubles come in and do all the action. Anybody can do it,” he said. “They’re relying on stunt doubles, and green screen, and $200 million budgets, it’s all CGI created. To me, it’s not authentic.”

From Statham’s comments it seems like he enjoys seeing real actors do real stunts as opposed to CGI, which a lot of people would tend to agree with. Recently Statham has been rumored to play Bullseye in Season 2 of Netflix’s hit Marvel series Daredevil.

Spy hits theaters today.


(Christian Michael Stoic)

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