Jeph Loeb Denies That Punisher Spin-Off Rumor

During this year’s Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour, there was a rumor that, based on early buzz on Daredevil‘s second season, Netflix was developing a spinoff based on Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle / The Punisher. Today however, the head of Marvel television made it clear that movement on the project was close to nonexistent.

“I think that’s something that people are speculating on, as opposed to something that’s actually happening,” said Jeph Loeb, executive president at Marvel Television.”It’s certainly our hope that any of our characters will be embraced and that people want to see more of them.”

The Daredevil series redeemed the character after the ill-receieved 2003 film so redemption is in the cards for the Marvel antihero. He has some extra work to do with three duds to the character’s name, but if there’s anywhere a niche character like the Punisher can and should thrive, it’s Netflix.

The second season of Daredevil premieres Friday, March 18.

SOURCE: Digital Spy

Sam Flynn

Sam Flynn

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