Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor’s Emotional Core and Hairstyle

Jesse Eisenberg recently sat down with LA Times to discuss his take on the iconic, villainous Lex Luthor. The award-winning actor commented on his approach to the character as well as the challenge of living up to expectations.

It’s always tough for an actor to come into a role that’s been done before. Eisenberg is a seasoned professional and is no stranger to the spotlight, but even he admits taking on a role of this magnitude can sometimes be frustrating.

“The only difference between this movie and everything else I’ve ever been in is this has an audience that has prior expectations, and that’s the only thing that I find disconcerting because it feels like some people are occasionally ready to get angry at me for the part they haven’t seen me play yet. It’s bewildering.”

However, Eisenberg seems confident that his take on Lex Luthor will bring something new to the character. “When you’re doing a movie like this and playing a character that’s already been played, the further away it is from those previous incarnations the better,” the actor stated.

Eisenberg also addressed the elephant in the room- his hair. Most people know Luthor for his signature bald look, so when this version of Lex first appeared with long locks, it came as some what of a shock. Don’t worry, the actor also promises an incredible scene which should have him looking more like the Lex of old.

“When you see the movie, you’ll see. It’s the greatest scene that I’ve ever gotten to take part in — it accounts for the change in hair.”

Hairstyles aside, Eisenberg made it known he was drawn to this role because of the character’s incredibly rich emotional structure. “The character has a core of reality,” Eisenberg explained. “[Luthor] has a back story that’s tragic and an emotional inner life that’s authentic. That’s in the movie. It was my interest in playing the character with a real emotional core, and this writer, Chris Terrio’s interest in creating a character that seemed viable in reality.”

“He is a narcissist of the first order but complicated in that way as well in that he is terribly troubled and competitive and vengeful. He looks at Superman not as somebody to destroy but as genuine threat to humanity.”

If there’s one thing to take away from his comments, it’s that this version of Lex will have many layers to him. Eisenberg doesn’t sound like a man who regrets having done this role, so hopefully we can all instill our trust in him and just get psyched to see him go bald.

What do you think about Jesse Eisenberg’s comments? And how do you think Lex will go bald in BVS? Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: LA Times

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