Jesse Eisenberg Praises Batman v. Superman’s “Not Cartoonish” Script

Actors praising their upcoming project is nothing new. However, when it comes to Jesse Eisenberg? Well, he doesn’t quite seem like the type to just hand out praise where it’s not due. The actor has praised Chris Terrio’s script for the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice in the past and he’s once again at it. He couldn’t say much but did comment on how well Terrio had written the character.


Yes, it is like the most incredible character. It was written by this guy, Chris Terrio. This is like his first movie after Argo. He’s just this brilliant writer of characters. So this movie is not this kind of cartoonish superhero movie. It is very serious and well acted, well written, well directed movie. It’s really phenomenal!

While it’d be no surprise that the man behind the award-winning Argo delivered something truly exceptional, we’re going to have to wait until Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016 to see just how great of a script Terrio delivered.

SOURCE: Ace Showbiz 

(Shawn Madden)

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