‘Jessica Jones’ Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg On Season Two Possibilities & ‘The Defenders’

Following the response to Jessica Jones, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the series gets a second season order much like Daredevil received shortly after debuting. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg commented on the possibility of a second season for the series and fitting it in before the upcoming The Defenders mini-series.

I hope so. There certainly is story-telling wise. The question becomes is there actual time? There are logistics involved, because Defenders has to shoot by a certain time, contractually. Actually, I’m not sure; I’m not at all involved in those conversations, much to my dismay. The first question is whether or not we will even get a second season. The second question is, if so, when? Will it be before The Defenders or after? I’d certainly love it to be before but there are things that play into that — time, availability.

In short,  the second season of the series comes down to the shooting schedule for The Defenders, which has yet to receive an announced date. With Luke Cage currently shooting & Iron Fist yet to go into production, I’d say the chances that we see a second season of the series are quite high. When asked about how protective she was of the character, Rosenberg had the following to say on the matter.

I’m a complete control freak when it comes to this character. I will do everything in my power to protect the character in whatever forms. They’ll have to throw me kicking and screaming out of that building. But they own the property. They’ve really been inclusive thus far so I’m not really worried about it.

Jessica Jones is arguably one of the best things that Marvel has done and I’m sure that many of you are right there with me hoping that we get a second season sooner than later. What do you think about Rosenberg’s comments? Let us know your thoughts on them and the first season of Jessica Jones in the comments below. No spoilers please. 

Source: THR

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