‘Jessica Jones’ Review: Bloody & Brilliant

A couple of weeks ago, Olivia Wilde stated that she wanted more “complex” and “flawed” female characters in the Marvel Universe. I couldn’t help but agree, until a smart yet sardonic woman from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, decided to change all of that.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is the second Marvel Universe series to hit Netflix, and yes, it is as spectacular as you’ve heard. The show is about Jessica Jones, a hot-tempered woman with extraordinary talents and a bit of an alcohol problem, rebooting her life as a private investigator all while seeking revenge on the abuser who ruined her life. Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, The B in Apartment 23) plays the brooding and bruised titular character effortlessly. Her dry wit partnered with her no-nonsense attitude feels authentic, proving you don’t need a leather suit or spandex tights to be a complete and total bad ass hero. 

However, the true scene stealer in the show is Kilgrave, played by former Dr. Who star, David Tennant. Kilgrave, the antagonist of the show, is manipulative, charismatic and mesmerizing. He is unpredictable and terrifying, yet I cannot help but think he may be my favorite Marvel villain. He is ruthless and a force to be reckoned with. He does not need an army of aliens or robots to be terrifying, he does it all by himself. 

Above all, the feel of the show is what really won me over. Unlike the glossy, sexy Hollywood productions Marvel has created in the past, Jessica Jones is a gritty, graphic, dark and twisted fantasy. Full of sex, blood, and cinematography that mimics tropes of film noir, I honestly forgot I was watching a Marvel production. I felt like I was watching an adult drama on HBO. 

Bottom line: The Netflix and Marvel partnership have another huge win on their hands! 

If you have not seen Jessica Jones, stop what you’re doing this very second, log into your (or your friend’s) Netflix account, and watch it.

(Heather Concannon) 

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