J.J. Abrams Discusses That Shocking Scene Between Kylo Ren And *SPOILER*

With the film destroying records and dominating headlines for the last several days, at this point it should be made very clear that there are spoilers ahead. So please be warned, read on at your own risk. 

Over the weekend Audiences witnessed the birth of one of the most hated villains in the STAR WARS film series.  In an instant Kylo Ren, being revealed to be actually Ben Solo, murdered his father Han Solo. His actions in the film left fans shocked and heartbroken, and he was instantly solidified as a villain far worse than anyone had previously imagined.

At a post-screening Q&A session over this past weekend for STAR WARS: Episode VII at the Writers Guild of America, director J.J. Abrams answered questions and offered explanation for why they chose to do what they did.

“Star Wars had the greatest villain in cinema history. So, how you bring a new villain into that world is a very tricky thing. We knew we needed to do something f—king bold. The only reason why Kylo Ren has any hope of being a worthy successor is because we lose one of the most beloved characters.”

“Long before we had this title, the idea of The Force Awakens was that this would become the evolution of not just a hero, but a villain. And not a villain who was the finished, ready-made villain, but someone who was in process.”

“All of us bring our own experiences to it. As a father, as a friend to people who have children, I know what it’s like to see struggle, to be part of struggle. I know how painful it can be. I know how real it is. And this is, of course, an insane extrapolated version,” he added with a laugh. “Patricide is not ideal.”

When asked to describe the atmosphere during the scenes filming, Abrams explained:

“It was really chilling, Seeing these two actors, they weren’t chewing up the scenery. They were just doing this thing in a way that, frankly, was disturbing. To see Harrison reach out and touch Adam. I know this sounds stupid, but literally watching it, I forgot — I forgot that he wasn’t his son. He did it so beautifully.”

It goes without saying that this scene may go down as one of the most memorable and heartbreaking moments for fans within the last several years. While many stated the scene was predictable, everyone admits that the impact was still painful. The beloved Scruffy looking nerf herder was murdered by his own wayward and fallen son. Only time will tell the true impact to the film series after this scene.

STAR WARS: The Force Awaken is currently in theaters, breaking hearts, changing lives, and shattering box-office records worldwide.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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