Joe Quesada Debunks ‘Iron Fist’ Rumors; Comments On ‘Defenders’ Line-Up

So, there’s been a number of pretty ridiculous rumors floating around regarding Marvel & Netflix’s upcoming Iron Fist series. We’re sure you’ve read them and hopefully this one will put those rumors to rest. Even though you should have never believed them to start, there’s now word from Marvel CCO Joe Quesada regarding the status of the series. While speaking with IGN, after laughing off the source of the rumor, Quesada had the following to say about the status of the highly-anticipated Marvel & Netflix series.

I’m pretty involved [with the Netflix shows]. I’m not on set everyday but I’m pretty involved. Iron Fist is being worked on, that’s all I can say.

The site then asked the Marvel CCO about the Defenders line-up for the upcoming mini-series, which is fairly different than the classic team from the comics, and Quesada had the following to say on the matter.. 

You have to understand, to the world at large, nobody knows who The Defenders are. So to take the concept, the name and the theme and apply it to this world feels wholly natural. Even when you look at the origins of the team and how the original book came together, it was just another super hero team that wasn’t the Avengers. We have a wonderful, concept behind why they’re this group and why they’re called The Defenders in this particular world.

Hopefully this will finally put the nail in the coffin on that one and I’m glad to finally hear, even though it’s minimal, some comments regarding this project. It’s currently rumored that you’ll first meet Danny Rand in next year’s Luke Cage and I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some casting news on this one very soon. But until then…we’ve got another defender hitting the small screen this weekend with Jessica Jones. Exciting times. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: IGN

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